Why Choose Us

Our Strength: Our real strength is our expertise in System Engineering which has came through innovative approach of every single person towards all projects executed by us till date. We have good team of Design & Application Engineers. We are not only in Automation but also in Servicing, Retrofitting, and amc & Consult for our customers to decide right thing for their growth in their sector.

CEO has experience in successfully starting up the New and Innovative Technology based companies. He has gained hands on experience of over 30years in Industrial Automation and Electronic & Electricals products manufactured by ABB. He has Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Logix Industrial Automation Solution a professional automation system integrator, built on over 6 years of experience with market leading brand It is a turnkey solution provider with experience in various Industry fields - Engineering, Instrumentation, Process & Discrete automation projects. We dealt with Automobile, Sugar, Cement, Breweries, Paper, Chemicals, Material handling, Steel, packaging, machine tools areas of application. We pride ourselves on quality, service and price. We continuously strive to broaden our product line with accurate, quality products to better service our customers. We provide integrated and innovative solutions to our clients by utilizing the latest technology, best industry standards. Through our knowledge and significant experience in the industry, we add value to our client’s operations and build long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

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