AC Drives

Logix Industrial Automation Solutions has been an Authorised Value Provider for ABB since 2001 and have consistently been one of their top performing sales and support organisations since that time. We have a dedicated ABB products sales and support team. Our comprehensive portfolio includes ABB AC Drive ACS150, ACS355, ACS380, ACS310, ACS550, ACS560, ACH550, ACS580, ACS880, ACSM1 and many more. All our ABB drives whether micro, industrial or HVAC help in improving process efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and improving productivity. The drives support connectivity to automation and BMS networks. A large range of drives are stocked and we can custom stock holding to suit your needs. ABB Drives are suitable for pumps, fans, conveyors, material handling machines, excercise equipments, white goods, gates, doors, barriers, compressors, cutting machines, extruders, machine tools, mixers, stirrers, spinning machines, centrifuges and processing line applications. We have supplied our ABB Drives to all industries like M/S SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAYS, M/S DRDO, M/S NUCLEAR FUEL COMPLEX, M/S VISAKHAPATNAM PORT TRUST, M/S VIZAG STEEL, M/S BOTHRA SHIPPING SERVICES, M/S ESSAR STEELS, M/S ESSAR PORTS VISAKHAPATNAM, M/S GANGA PAPERS, M/S VINAYAKA PAPERS, M/S SREE CHAKRA PAPERS.

ACS 150
ABB AC drive ACS 150
ACS 355
ABB AC drive ACS 355
ACS 380
ABB AC drive ACS 380
ACS 310
ABB AC drive ACS 310
ACS 550
ABB AC drive ACS 550
ACS 560
ABB AC drive ACS 560
ACH 550
ABB AC drive ACH 550
ACH 580
ABB AC drive ACH 550
ACQ 580
ABB AC drive ACS 580
ACS 580
ABB AC drive ACS 580
ACS 880
ABB AC drive ACS 880
ABB AC drive ACS M1

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